singapore industry guides

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Our industry guide section aims to help entrepreneurs learn more aboutin a specific industry in Singapore.
Singapore's education industry is one of the top worldwide which aims to transform the city into a word class education hub.
Art and Music industry helps preserve the Singaporean tradition.
This industry brings you a selection of cuisines from Local, Asian and Western food perfect for catering events and all occasions.
Singapore is one of the greenest and most environmental friendly countries in the world.
This type of business has become Singapore's go-to in terms of financing your business.
Singapore has a dedicated Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry association for potential SMEs.
Starting your dental clinic should be licensed by Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH).
Recreational businesses such as night clubs, karaoke bars, golf parks and more are also popular in Singapore.
Over the past decade, Singapore has taken a proactive approach to become an important center of fund management in Asia.
Singapore is attracting all foreign and startup hedge funds to meet the increasing demands for capital.
Considered as the world's busiest transshipment hub in Asia, importing and exporting goods in Singapore has never been easy.
Even the smallest forms of education should be registered through ACRA.
Registering your Land Transport business may require more than one license and/or permits.
Singapore's legal system has attracted entrepreneurs/lawyers to start law firms.
Non-academic schools don't need accreditation but only registration through ACRA.
Singapore is a renowned global food haven and culinary capital of Asia bringing cuisines from all over the world.
With the expansion of malls and big outlets, retail businesses continue to grow and perform well.
Singapore is one of the safest countries around the world. Its security industry is well-developed and attracts a lot of investors.