Starting an Events Management Company in Singapore

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March 8, 2023

What’s in the article?

As one of the world’s most active business hubs, as well as one of the most powerful economies in Asia, Singapore has become an incredibly popular country of choice for companies and businesses looking to either start or expand their operations and trade. In recent years, many businesses have gravitated towards Singapore, especially with their much simpler and quicker business registration processes.

However, the rapid increase of businesses taking root in Singapore risks the oversaturation in certain industries, with businesses potentially struggling to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. This could prompt companies to adopt more creative strategies to help them gain attention and increase brand awareness among their target demographic, and one very popular way that this can be done is through events.

When executed properly, an event can help catapult a business or brand into the spotlight and attract and maintain positive attention from both media and their target audience, while also attracting new customers. However, this might be hard to do alone as Singapore’s first-world quality of living could raise expectations entirely too high to be met without a little help.

With businesses looking for more creative ways to curate a very specific experience for their customers, while also expanding the reach and influence of their brand, now a great time to start an events management company in Singapore.

How to Start an Events Management Company in Singapore

Step 1: Register Your Company

The first step to starting any business in Singapore is to register it with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. Before you begin doing this, prepare the following requirements to ensure a smooth application process:

  • Company name
  • At least one resident or nominee director
  • At least one shareholder
  • A qualified resident company secretary
  • At least SGD 1 in capital
  • Registered address of the company in Singapore
  • Brief description of business activities

You can register your company easily through ACRA’s online portal BizFile+. Once you’ve submitted your application, it’ll take one to three days for ACRA to process all your documents should there be no errors or complications. Once your company has been successfully registered, you’ll receive an email notification with your company’s registration number.

Step 2: Choose an Office Location

Depending on your available funds and capital, it may be best to choose an urbanized location, such as in the center of the city, in order to get as much attention as possible. Choosing the right location may also help surrounding companies and businesses take notice of your new company, which can lead to more leads and inquiries for your services.

Step 3: Hire Employees

Perhaps one of the most important steps of starting an event management agency is the recruitment and hiring of your employees. The employees of your company will not only be the ones reaching out to and coordinating with prospective clients, but they will also be involved in the execution of your events that will ultimately represent your company.

Because of these, you should prioritize hiring quality talents either by screening applicants yourself or reaching out to an employment agency.

Step 4: Promote Your Company

After setting up a small team to start with, it’s time to get the word out about your new company and the services that you offer. Explore different promotional avenues and media in order to maximize the reach of your efforts, and make sure that any lead generation efforts are accompanied with a comprehensive list of your services and rates.

Step 5: Procure Additional Licenses and Requirements

When you’ve successfully closed your first event with a business, you must now apply for at least one relevant license or permit depending on the types of events and activities you want to organize and handle. These licenses or permits are only valid for the duration of the event. Below are some of the licenses that you can apply for:

Licence Purpose
Arts Entertainment License Arts entertainment events (plays, musical performances or concerts, dance performances, art gallery exhibitions, variety shows etc.)
Copyright Permit Reproduction of any copyrighted material like music or video at any event
Public Entertainment License Any event accessible and open to the public (excluding art entertainment events)
Trade Fair Permit Trade fairs
Animal Exhibition License Any event that includes the live exhibition or performance of animals
Advertisement License Any displayed advertisement (billboards, signages, sky signs, etc.) for the purposes of promoting an event 
Approval for Fire Safety Work on Premises Any event that includes the use of fire safety work

Each license and permit requires the submission of an application form, as well as additional materials, documents and the payment of a required fee, before they are processed and issued by the designated authoritative body.

Starting A Company Without the Trouble

Launching a company involves a lot of moving parts that require your undivided attention, which means that you may no longer have the time to handle the forms and applications needed to incorporate and register your company. With WealthBridge, you can focus on making your company the best that it can be and leave the administration and paperwork to us.

With corporate services that start from Singapore company incorporation all the way to day to day functions, our team is more than happy to help you with the technicalities so that you can spend time on the things that truly matter.

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