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Every business in Singapore requires at least one resident director. Can’t nominate your own? Leave it to us!

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Guess who’s buzzling about us?

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We will handle the entire process from finding the Nominee director to incorporation, and to bank account opening so you can focus on starting your business. Leave the administration to us!

A local director is required by Singapore’s companies act for all Singapore businesses; hence, foreigners will need to find a local resident director. Our team will not only provide you with a Nominee director, but also assist you with other incorporation-related regulations.

There are no hidden fine prints nor gotcha clauses in our services. Most foreigners who start companies in Singapore eventually find someone they can trust locally. When that happens, we will assist in a hassle-free and smooth of directorship for your business.

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Behind WealthBridge is an accredited network of professionals certified by Singapore’s main accounting bodies. Together, we provide service you can trust

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Gone are the days of manual work. We operate with technology, so you can expect a speedy and efficient accounting service

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Our automation efforts reduce manpower needed for repetitive accounting tasks. This dramatically cuts our costs, and allows us to pass on cost savings to our customers like you

Who is the Nominee Director?

In Singapore, a Nominee Director, as defined by the ACRA, is a local individual appointed to act as a director on behalf of a company.

What is the role of a Nominee Director in Singapore?

A Nominee Director in Singapore, as mandated by Singapore's Companies Act, is commonly appointed by foreigners incorporating a company in the country to meet regulatory obligations, such as having at least one local resident director. While holding a formal position, their role is often non-executive and limited to compliance, with actual control typically resting with the beneficial owner or other executives.

How much is the Nominee Director fee in Singapore?

The fees for Nominee Director services can vary depending on several factors, such as the level of involvement required and the specific terms negotiated between the parties involved. Typically, these fees are agreed upon through a contractual arrangement between the company and the service provider.

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Do I need a Nominee Director?

Yes, a local director, who is a resident of Singapore (either a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident), must be appointed before submitting your company registration application. However, as a foreigner, you can appoint a nominee director to fulfill this requirement.

For foreigners establishing a company in Singapore, being physically present at all times might be impractical. The Singapore government requires a contact person and someone accountable in case of irresponsible corporate behavior. The rule mandating a Nominee Director ensures that foreign company owners cannot easily abandon their responsibilities.

Meet your resident director

Finding a local whom you can trust may take time, but we help you assign one so you could start your business right away

Meet your Nominee director and launch your business


Get Lite
This plan includes
Plus required $1,500 refundable security deposit
Singapore resident nominee director

Due to the liabilities associated to the position, dislocure requirements shall be mandated for this package

Take some burden off your hands and leave the administration to us


Get Essential
Corporate secretary
Unlimited number of resolutions
Annual filing
Annual general meeting preparation
$60 government free

Due to the liabilities associated to the position, dislocure requirements shall be mandated for this package

Say goodbye to messy books and inaccurate financials


Get Premium
This plan includes
No security deposit required
Singapore resident nominee director
Accounting and tax
Annual bookkeeping up to 100 transactions
Annual management report
Corporate tax filing

Other important matters that you might need

Consider these add-on services on top of above packages

/ yr.
Registered address

Receive alerts on mails collected, scanning of documents, and forwarding of mails

/ account
Bank account setup

Leave your bank document preparation and teleconference appointment with us

/ stamp
Company stamp

Leave a professional mark on your documents with a self-inking rubber stamp

/ person
Monthly payroll

Covers compensation and benefits computation, pay slip issuance, and mandatory contributions

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WealthBridge was able to help out with our growing business to rival larger firms through a wide range of technology and outsourced solutions at just a low cost. They also greatly assisted us by sharing various schemes available to stay competitive with strategies and accelerate our business growth.
Wallace Wah
Luce Maintenance Group
Handling all the statutory documents for my Singapore Company was very messy, but with the assistance of WealthBridge, it is now very well maintained and filed accordingly. The quality of service provided by WealthBridge is exceptional as they work very efficiently and promptly!
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How it works

When you incorporate with us, we will be right by you every step of the way

1. We answer your inquiries

We attend to your questions and we walk you through the responsibilities of a nominee director

2. We process your documents

We look into your documents, verify their completeness, and perform client due diligence.

3. We send a confirmation

We confirm the service and begin working on your contracts and appointment of your new Nominee Director.

Take some burden off your hands

We’ll take care of your nominee director needs so you can focus on starting your business

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We have incorporated businesses from various industries in Singapore. Our years of experience have familiarized us with the twists and turns in incorporating businesses

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Frequently asked questions

Do the Nominee Director will be involved with the company operations?

No, typically a Nominee Director is not actively involved in the day-to-day operations or management of the company. Their role is often limited to meeting statutory requirements and fulfilling the legal obligation of having a local director.

What is the risk of hiring a Nominee Director?

The Singapore Companies Act doesn't distinguish between a regular and a nominee director. Thus, by regulation Nominee Directors have decision-making powers, but certain matters require shareholder approval. To minimize risk, consider engaging a trusted company like WealthBridge for Nominee Director services. You can work with us to contractually limit the powers of a nominee director through a service agreement. Additionally, you can appoint non-resident executive directors to manage and oversee company affairs for added control.

What is a Nominee Director agreement and what does it cover?

A Nominee Director service agreement outlines terms for a service provider supplying a nominee director to a company. It covers services, payment terms, replacement options, liabilities, confidentiality, compliance, and termination procedures, ensuring clarity in the relationship between the company and the service provider.

What are the risks a Nominee Director would face?

A Nominee Director in Singapore can be held accountable for the company's actions if they breach fiduciary duties or neglect their legal obligations. Therefore it is crucial to ensure the Nominee Director understands their responsibilities and to choose a trustworthy provider like WealthBridge for Nominee Director services.

For how long do I need the service of a nominee director?

Foreigners incorporating a company in Singapore and planning to relocate can seek an Employment Pass (EP). Once granted, you can designate yourself as the 'local' director. Alternatively, you may opt for our Nominee Director services while going through the EP application process, which typically takes about 6 months.

What are the fiduciary duties of nominee directors?

Nominee directors are bound by fiduciary duties outlined in the Companies Act. They must act in the company's best interests, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose personal interests. Additionally, they are required to act honestly, exercise due care and diligence, avoid unauthorized personal gains, and disclose involvement in company transactions.

Can a Nominee Director also be a shareholder of the company?

Yes, a Nominee Director has the option to also function as a shareholder in the company. The Companies Act provides flexibility in company structuring, enabling individuals to assume various roles concurrently. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that the Nominee Director prioritizes the company's best interests, rather than exclusively serving the interests of the represented shareholder.

What is the difference between a Nominee Director and a Nominee Shareholder?

A Nominee Director is appointed for regulatory compliance and may not actively participate in decision-making. A Nominee Shareholder holds shares on behalf of the beneficial owner for privacy and compliance reasons. The director is related to management, while the shareholder pertains to ownership.

Can a nominee director take part in opening corporate bank accounts?

A Nominee Director can help with opening a corporate bank account but is not allowed to sign any of the company's bank documents. Their role is limited to assistance in the account setup. Their involvement in financial matters beyond the account setup is subject to the specific terms outlined in legal agreements or corporate governance documents.

Can the foreign director be the Nominee Director?

No, as mandated by the Companies Act, every company is required to have at least one local director. This person must be a resident of Singapore, including Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, or foreigners holding an Employment Pass or EntrePass.

What are the requirements to be a Nominee Director?

The Nominee Director must reside in Singapore, being either a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a foreigner with a valid employment pass or entrepreneur pass. They must be at least 18 years old, mentally sound, and free from disqualification, including any history of fraud, bankruptcy, or regulatory disqualification.

Can I simply appoint a local Singapore business associate or employee as Nominee Director?

Yes, you can do so if they meet the requirements set by ACRA. However, it is important to point out that despite the Nominee status, your local associate or employee will still need to sign the company’s year-end reports as the Local Director. This would mean disclosing sensitive information such as the profit and loss statements, shareholding changes, and changes in business dealings. That's why, working with a Nominee Director service provider like WealthBridge is a better option to avoid possible conflicts of interest.