How to Set Up Your CorpPass

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February 5, 2022

What’s in the article?

If you’re here, then you must have noticed the rather curious case of Singapore’s CorpPass. For some strange reason, it just keeps appearing on each government portal you visit. 

ACRA’s BizFile, eCustoms, the GeBIZ platform, IRAS, GoBusiness Licensing, you name it. All the digital statutory systems in Singapore have, in one form or another, integrated the famous CorpPass with their user platforms. 

Well, you can tell the government of Singapore is obviously on to something here. Follow along to find out what, as we uncover the whole mystery behind the famous Singapore CorpPass. Then to top off, we’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your own company’s CorpPass. 

What is CorpPass?

CorpPass is more like the master key to digital business platforms in Singapore. Once you successfully acquire one, you can use it to submit compliance reports, obtain trade licenses, apply for grants, file taxes, manage work permits, plus much more. 

Now, when you take all that into consideration, you could say CorpPass is the ultimate multi-use login for corporate entities in Singapore. Instead of leaving its business agencies to run independently, Singapore has managed to streamline and sync all the corporate accounts using CorpPass. 

Hence, with CorpPass alone, you should be able to gain access to a wide range of B2G (Business2Government) services- including ACRA, IRAS, GeBIZ, GoBusiness, etc.

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But, make no mistake about it. This is not a business-only bandwagon. Turns out even non-profit organizations and all sorts of associations are leveraging CorpPass. The system accommodates pretty much all the entities that are registered in Singapore. You just need a valid Unique Entity Number (UEN) to join the party. 

What’s more, CorpPass doesn’t restrict you to a single admin account. Your company can go ahead and authorize third-party service providers- such as headhunters, auditors, and tax agents- to conduct transactions on your behalf. You could even outsource your company’s tax filing tasks via CorpPass IRAS.

Identifying Your CorpPass Roles

  • Registered Officer: Registered officer roles are mostly taken up by administrators like corporate secretaries as well as directors. And since they don’t necessarily need CorpPass accounts, such Registered Officers get to appoint CorpPass Admins and approve the subsequent admin registration requests.
  • CorpPass Admin: The CorpPass Admin is selected by the Registered Officer to manage the company’s CorpPass. Each registered entity is free to introduce up to two CorpPass Admins, both of whom should have SingPass logins. 
  • CorpPass User: CorpPass User accounts are set up by CorpPass Admins to handle various tasks on government platforms. You can go ahead and create as many user accounts as you want. 

Setting Up Your CorpPass: 3 Easy Registration Steps

  • Register: Start by access the CorpPass main site, and then hit “Register as a CorpPass Admin”. The system will compel you to submit your company’s incorporation documents, as well as the accompanying Unique Identity Number (UEN). Then as a CorpPass Admin, you’ll be required to enter the Registered Officer’s details, your personal information, plus the corresponding SingPass login credentials. 
  • Create and Activate: Once the CorpPass Admin account is up and running, you should use it to set up CorpPass User accounts- after which you can proceed to delegate roles. 
  • Assign / Authorize: This is the point where you identify all your pending statutory processes, and then add them while assigning each one to its respective CorpPass User account. You can, for instance, select all the tax filing services you need, and then delegate them to a third-party tax agent via your company’s CorpPass IRAS.

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The Bottom Line

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