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Guess who’s buzzling about us?

100% online
Trusted filing agent
All-in-one storage

Everything is done online from collating requirements, signing documents, to actual business registration. No need to go anywhere

We are recognized by ACRA, and we remain compliant with it’s requirements. Rest assured that your business and your documents are in safe hands

Your documents shouldn’t be a problem. With our shared database, you can keep your files secured and accessible anytime, anywhere

100% online

Everything is done online from collating requirements, signing documents, to actual business registration. No need to go anywhere

Trusted filing agent

We are recognized by ACRA, and we remain compliant with it’s requirements. Rest assured that your business and your documents are insafe hands

All-in-one storage

Your documents shouldn’t be a problem. With our shared database, you can keep your files secured and accessible anytime, anywhere

For Foreigners:

Starting a company can be intimidating, but we will help you navigate through the process and avoid pitfalls

Basic All-in Incorporation

Start your business hassle-free with this 12-month service


Get incorporation
$315 ACRA fees
Company name registration
Corporate constitution (M&AA)
E-Notice of incorporation and ACRA business profile document
Unlimited number of shareholders
Corporate secretary
Nominee director (plus $1,500 refundable security deposit)
Registered address
Assistance of 1 bank account opening
Company stamp

Due to the liabilities associated to the position, dislocure requirements shall be mandated for this package

Premium All-in Incorporation

Do business stress-free with this 12-month service


Get incorporation + accounting
$315 ACRA fees
Company name registration
Corporate constitution (M&AA)
E-Notice of incorporation and ACRA business profile document
Unlimited number of shareholders
Corporate Secretary
Nominee Director
Registered Address
Assistance of 1 bank account opening
Company stamp
Annual management report
Annual bookkeeping for up to 100 transactions per year
30-day free Xero trial
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WealthBridge was able to help out with our growing business to rival larger firms through a wide range of technology and outsourced solutions at just a low cost. They also greatly assisted us by sharing various schemes available to stay competitive with strategies and accelerate our business growth.
Wallace Wah
Luce Maintenance Group
Handling all the statutory documents for my Singapore Company was very messy, but with the assistance of WealthBridge, it is now very well maintained and filed accordingly. The quality of service provided by WealthBridge is exceptional as they work very efficiently and promptly!
Zhang Yuteng
Petillant Pte Ltd
Reliable professionals providing a range of efficient and proactive accounting services and tax advice. WealthBridge has enabled us to better focus on our business without worrying about our accounting and tax matters.
Kevin Sim
Milkoracle Pte Ltd
Highly organized and efficient corporate service provider. Service is very good and prompt! Had the incorporation process done in less than 60 minutes.
Park Sung Pte Ltd
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How it works

When you incorporate with us, we will be right by you every step of the way

Fulfill all
mandatory pre-requisites

Every Singaporean business is required to have the following:

At least 1 shareholder
Company secretary
Resident director
At least $1 capital
Registered Singaporean address
Share Capital Information
Company Information
Officers and Shareholders

Submit all other mandatory requirements

With the right documents, we will officially file your company documents with ACRA. During this process, we will ensure that necessary items such as the memorandum and articles of incorporation are properly done for a hassle free process.

Set up bank account and accounting books

We will assist you in setting up your Singaporean bank account and your Singapore-compliant accounting books. There will be mandatory documents that you will need to organize and file, but don’t worry, we’ll do everything for you!

That’s it!

Incorporate from anywhere in the world

Once you send us your documents, we will incorporate right away

We got you covered

We have incorporated businesses from various industries in Singapore. Our years of experience have familiarized us with the twists and turns in incorporating businesses

Tuition Centre

Medical Supplier

Production Company

Leisure Management

Wholesale Traders

Freight Management


Fund Management

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to incorporate a company in Singapore?

We can incorporate your company as fast as 60 minutes given that we have all the required details. However, there is no guarantee that it will always be like that, some application can be can be referred to Authorities and might take up to 2 months to process.  (

How to choose a company name in Singapore and is it possible to change the company's name after registering it?

In Singapore, two companies can’t bear the same name. So, you have to come up with a unique word or word combination. In case that your desired name is taken, you may try to change a few spellings or add extra words to lessen the chance of being referred to Authority due to having identical name.

You can change your company's name after registration. The procedure entails securing approval from ACRA for the new name, amending the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, and updating official documents and records to align with the new name. It's crucial to verify that the new name adheres to ACRA's naming criteria and avoids any trademark violations. Additionally, the change of the name requires approval from the company's shareholders.

Can a foreigner be a director in a Singapore Company?

Yes! A foreign individual can be the director of a Singapore-based company; however, Singapore does not permit Corporate Directors but they can be Corporate Shareholders.

What happens after Incorporation?

Once incorporated, ACRA will send a Business Profile containing all your company details and your company UEN (Unique Entity Number) which you can use to register for license and opening a bank account.

What is the difference between adopting the Model Constitution in force at a point in time, and adopting the Model Constitution in force from time to time?

If a company chooses to adopt the Model Constitution in force from time to time, it would be taken to have adopted any changes to the provisions in the Model Constitution as made in the law over time, without having to go through any procedures to amend the Model Constitution that it has adopted. Adopting the Model Constitution in force at a point in time would mean that the Model Constitution adopted is fixed, unless the company subsequently makes amendments to it.

Can HDB flats be registered as Company Address?

Yes. As an approved tenant or flat owner you are allowed to register your firm or company with your residential address however you are required to seek the proper approval from the relevant authorities. You can register to set up a home office in your private home or HDB flat and hire up to 2 non-resident employees.

How to incorporate a company in Singapore?

Before you can formally start your company in Singapore, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) must first approve the name of your company. All business owners who want to start a company in Singapore must go through the incorporation process. This rule applies to both Singaporeans and foreigners. You can accomplish this by registering your business with ACRA and following the Companies Act.

However, foreigners without a Singpass must have a registered filing agent submit the applications for the company name and incorporation on their behalf. WealthBridge's company incorporation services can guarantee that your business complies with Singapore legal requirements.

How to check company registration in Singapore?

To check a company registration, you can look it up in the ACRA database. You can use the website's business entity search option to type and enter the company name into the database. If the company name is not listed in the ACRA database, then business is not authorized to operate . Keep in mind to double-check the spelling of the company name.

Why would foreigners incorporate a company in Singapore?

Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia. Therefore, incorporating your company in Singapore can give you access to the developing Asia-Pacific markets. Low taxes, a good standard of living, and favorable laws for foreign companies are also the benefits of incorporating your business in Singapore.

Can foreigners run a company in Singapore without company incorporation?

It is perfectly legal to operate a company without incorporating it in Singapore. However, there are advantages to incorporating your business, such as giving your company activities legal protection, credibility, and branding.

Running a company in Singapore without doing formal incorporation also gives you the title of Sole Proprietor. Hence your company activities are assumed to be those of a sole proprietorship. As such, the proprietor must pay personal income tax (ranging from 0% to 22%) on the income from the proprietorship. Other than that, the tax benefits, exemptions, and rebates that are available to a private limited company cannot be claimed by a sole proprietorship.

Is it possible for foreigners to possess 100% ownership of a Singaporean company, and are there any limitations on foreign ownership?

Certainly! Foreigners are permitted for a 100% ownership of a Singaporean company. Typically, there are no limitations on foreign ownership across most industries. Nevertheless, exceptions exist in sectors like banking and finance, where specialized licenses might be necessary. Moreover, certain businesses might need approval from regulatory bodies. It's vital to thoroughly investigate and grasp any industry-specific regulations relevant to your business prior to incorporation in Singapore.

Can I run my business from abroad after registering it in Singapore?

Yes, you can run your Singapore company from overseas. Our team of experts will assist you in meeting all compliance obligations necessary for incorporating and managing your company. As a result, you can register a Singapore company and effectively manage it without the need to be physically present in the country.

Are there any tax incentives for companies registered in Singapore?

Singapore provides a range of tax incentives aimed at fostering business expansion and investment. These incentives comprise schemes such as the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC), which grants tax deductions or cash payouts for eligible expenses related to innovation and productivity enhancements. Furthermore, the Development and Expansion Incentive (DEI) and Global Trader Program (GTP) extend reduced tax rates to certain industries and operations. Additionally, Singapore maintains a network of double taxation treaties to mitigate the risk of double taxation on foreign-earned income, enhancing its appeal to multinational enterprises.

What kinds of information about a company that public can access in Singapore?

A company's business profile is purchasable, and it contains the following details:
- Name and UEN
- Paid-up and issued capital
- Names of Auditors, Directors, and Shareholders
- Last filed annual return and financial year end
- Existing charges under the company’s name
- Shareholdings and types, if any
- Electronic documents submitted through ACRA can also be retrieved by the public for a fee

Can I appoint another individual as the director or shareholder of the company if I wish to avoid being listed in public records?

Certainly, you have the option to appoint a nominee director or shareholder, provided that terms and conditions are agreed upon between you and the nominees. However, such arrangements may lead to difficulties in opening a banking account. Despite the private arrangement, the nominee director must disclose the appointor to the company, while the nominee shareholder must disclose their registrable controller. This information will be confidentially filed with ACRA.

What documents you need to submit?

Your identification ID (NRIC/Passport) , proof of Address, signed Due Diligence and First Board Meeting Resolution.

How many directors and shareholders are required for opening a company in Singapore?

You can have as many directors and shareholders as you want or it could be just you. However, please note that at least one of the directors must be a Singapore local resident (Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident) and of legal age of 18 years old and above.

What are the ongoing compliance requirements for Singaporean companies?

Companies incorporated in Singapore must adhere to various ongoing compliance obligations. These encompass tasks such as filing annual returns, conducting annual general meetings (AGMs), keeping accurate accounting records, and submitting financial statements to both ACRA and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Non-compliance with these duties may lead to penalties or legal ramifications. Engaging a corporate secretary or compliance specialist is recommended to uphold your company's compliance with Singaporean regulations.

What if I don't have a registered office address in Singapore?

You can use a virtual office address if that's the case. Numerous companies in Singapore offer virtual office services, providing a reputable business address along with mail forwarding services. This option proves particularly beneficial for foreign entrepreneurs lacking a physical presence in Singapore yet desiring a professional address for their company's incorporation. However, it's imperative to verify that the chosen virtual office provider adheres to ACRA's regulations regarding company registration.

Do I need to be physically present in Singapore during the incorporation process?

You aren't required to be physically in Singapore during the incorporation process. Singapore permits foreigners to register and fully own a company without being present in the country. You can get the help of a local service provider like WealthBridge to handle the process, simplifying the establishment of overseas entrepreneurs' businesses in Singapore.

Is it imperative to open a corporate bank account for the company?

Yes it is. To initiate the opening of a corporate bank account in Singapore, you will need to provide essential documents, including your company's Certificate of Incorporation, Business Profile, and a resolution authorizing the bank account's opening. While the prerequisites may slightly differ among banks, it's prudent to reach out to your chosen bank to verify their specific requirements. You can also leave it to a service provider like WealthBridge to streamline the account opening procedure.

What is a corporate shareholder and do I need one?

A corporate shareholder is a business entity that holds shares in another limited company. This designation encompasses various entities, including another limited company, a limited liability partnership (LLP), or a non-profit organization or charity.