Starting a Cleaning Business in Singapore

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January 14, 2022

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How to Set Up a Cleaning Agency

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the greenest and cleanest countries in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that the cleaning sector plays a very significant role in this country’s environmental sectors. The authorities take a deep interest and make a lot of effort to maintain a healthy environment to promote the well-being of the citizens.

So if you want to incorporate a company in Singapore which is simple and profitable, there is no option better than a cleaning service, especially when you are at an entry level. In this guide, we will show you all the necessary information and helpful tips to set up your own cleaning business in Singapore.

Essential steps to start a cleaning service in Singapore

It is always better to understand what you need to do before getting started. Thus, let’s take a look at critical steps that you need to take when starting a cleaning service in Singapore:

  • List out all the services which you will provide with your cleaning company
  • Do a temporary job in the cleaning industry to acquire some experience in advance
  • Make a comprehensive and detailed business plan
  • Prepare the required documents to get the business from the NEA – National Environment Agency of Singapore
  • Get liability insurance to protect your business and assets during any calamities or unfortunate mishap
  • Get your supplies and cleaning equipment ready
  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan and gradually implement it. Some common methods include fliers, billboards, ads in newspapers, commercials, online directories, word-of-mouth publicity, or your own website.

Licensing requirements for setting up a cleaning company in Singapore

According to the Environmental Public Health Amendment Bill which came into force in 2014, all cleaning businesses in Singapore, even when these services come from a part of the overall business, need to be licensed unless exempted by laws. The license will be issued for one year and can be renewed on an annual basis. There are a couple of requirements that your cleaning company needs to meet before applying for a license. These include:

Registration with ACRA and ROS

All registered business companies (including limited partnership, limited liabilities partnership, partnerships, sole proprietorship) and incorporated companies like private limited should be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Also, all the associations and societies should also be registered with the Registry of Societies (ROS)

Track records

If you have an existing cleaning company, then it must have a completed (in last one year) or at least one on-going cleaning contract right at the time of submitting the application.

For a new cleaning business, it should have at least two years of practical experience and one employee in supervising cleaning tasks or has participated in the required training modules organised by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications for Environmental Cleaning (WSQ) on Cleaning Process and Methods, as well as Supervise Service Operation.

Training for the Workforce

All cleaners of your company who are employed for more than three months are going to attend at least one module organised by the Local Cleaning Industry Environment or under the Environmental Cleaning WSQ Framework. However, NEW might also accept other non-EC WSQ certificates.

Wage Plan

All cleaning businesses also have to file a progressive wage plan that meets a few requirements of the NEA.

Keep in mind that if your cleaning company operates in Singapore without the right business license, the authorities will impose a fine, penalty, or even imprisonment for the owners. Similarly, all licensed businesses which are the breach of these mentioned licensing conditions will also be held liable for practicing legal action and non-compliance taken against them. For these reasons, it is necessary for you to meet all of these requirements before getting started.

Final Word

To sum up, it is relatively simple and easy to incorporate a company in Singapore if you want to have your own cleaning business. As long as you prepare all the required documents and keep them in order, the process of getting a business license won’t be a daunting task. What really matters is the compliance with Singapore’s stringent laws once your company has been operating. Thus, keep in mind to make a careful business plan before getting started to achieve your goals.

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