What is a Sponsored Employment Pass in Singapore?

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March 4, 2024

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A Sponsored Employment Pass (SEP) is a type of work visa that allows foreign professionals to work in Singapore. While similar to a regular Employment Pass, a SEP has the added feature of being sponsored by the employer during the application process on behalf of the employee. Aside from this, the employer may also choose to support the employee in other aspects related to their employment.

How to Apply for an SEP?

To apply for an SEP, the employer must perform the following steps:

  • Download and fill out the online application form on behalf of the employee
  • Acquire the necessary signatures
  • Pay the non-refundable processing fee of SGD105
  • Upload the completed application form, along with the supporting documents with your Corppass to www.mom.gov.sg/submit-ep-sponsorship

Once the payment has been received, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will begin reviewing your application and may request additional documents or information. The processing time will vary depending on whether or not any issues occur, but it typically lasts for 8 weeks. You can also check the status of your application by visiting https://www.mom.gov.sg/pass-application-status.

When the application has been approved, MOM will issue the Sponsored Employment Pass. This will be collected by your employer or an authorized representative in the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC). Alternatively, the employment pass may also be mailed upon request.

After receiving the employment pass, the employee will have to activate it within a specified period. Additional formalities may also be necessary, such as medical examinations, registration with other relevant authorities, and more.

What are the Requirements for an SEP

The following must be provided by the employee:

  • Personal information page of his or her travel document, along with any additional pages with amendments to the particulars
  • Educational certificates (additional requirements may apply to foreign employees from India and China)

On the other hand, the following must be provided by the employer:

  • Employers certificate of business registration that shows the company’s registered name and date of registration
  • Foodshop license issued by the Singapore Food Agency (if the company is a food establishment)
  • Registration or support letters from the respective agencies if the employee is hired for certain occupations (i.e., medical practitioner, lawyer, football player, or coach)
  • Written consent from the employee to apply for the employment pass on their behalf
  • Banking page or proof of payment

How to Cancel Sponsored Employment Pass?

If the pass holder is still in Singapore, then the employer can schedule an appointment with the MOM’s EPSC to cancel the employee's SEP. However, if the pass holder has already left Singapore, then the employer must submit this online form to request that the SEP be canceled. This form can be used for up to four SEPs, and you’ll be updated on the outcome within a week by post.

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