Limited Liability Partnership Registration in Singapore

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February 28, 2022

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Forming a Limited Liability Partnership in Singapore has its own significant rules and regulations. The bureaucracies put in place enables partners to operate well and achieve the company’s goals and targets.

Prior to entering into a partnership, future partners need to understand its features. They have to first to understand that a partnership suits well people involved in offering professional services like management consultants, accountants, architects, and lawyers. This means it is a group of elite individuals who are determined to work together to achieve a common goal. Below are some of the features of a limited liability Partnership. They include the following:

Features of a Limited Partnership

A Limited Liability Partnership has a number of unique features. These features distinguish it from other business. The features are as follows:

  • Partners always have a limited liability
  • Partners have an option to own property
  • Partners can not only be individuals but also body corporates
  • Can either sue or sued in its name
  • Separate legal entity
  • A partnership should have two or more partners

Formation of a Limited Liability Partnership in Singapore

Partners are regarded as equal owners in any partnership. They are required to participate in all activities of the organization. Usually, a partnership requires at least two or more partners. There is normally no maximum number of partners to be brought on board. One of the most important activities in the formation of a partnership is registration. This is a process that has significant rules which one is expected to follow.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration in Singapore requires one to have the following documents:

  • Registered addresses, jurisdiction, registration number and other registration details of any company that will act as a Limited Liability Partnership Partner
  • Registered address belonging to the Limited Liability Partnership’s Office
  • Consent to Act as Manager alongside Statement of Non-Disqualification to Act as Manager
  • Compliance declaration
  • Partners/Managers residential addresses in Singapore
  • Partners/Managers details
  • The Limited Liability Partnership’s Proposed name

Any group of individuals or companies that want to conduct a limited liability partnership registration in Singapore needs to produce the above documents. This is a rule that needs to be adhered to by everyone. Failure to do so, the LLP registration process will be suspended.

The process of registering a Limited Liability Partnership in Singapore

Foreigners who want to start a limited liability partnership in Singapore are needed to hire the services of a corporate service provider. The professional brought on board should be able to offer better company incorporation services. First things first, the proposed name of the partnership company needs to be approved. The approval takes close to 15 minutes, on payment of the quoted registration fee. The registration procedure takes a short while. In fact, the Limited liability partnership registration in Singapore can take one day.

Advantages of a limited liability partnership

The limited liability Partnership comes with a number of advantages. Those advantages are the ones that have attracted a number of professionals into forming partnerships. They include:

  • A separate legal entity, this means the partnership is separated from all its partners
  • It has simple compliance requirements unlike private limited companies
  • There is no need to file annual results. Online income tax returns can be filed
  • Partners are not liable to losses and debts that are incurred by the other partners
  • Comes with perpetual succession

Disadvantages of a limited liability partnership

Below are some of the advantages that are present in a limited liability partnership:

  • Issues with transferring ownership. This is a process that tends to take a long time hence becoming tiresome.
  • No tax exemptions or incentives
  • Partners are liable to their own losses and debts. They have to deal with them on their own.

Starting a Limited Liability Partnership is not a walk in the park. You need to have on board professionals who have a common goal like yours. This is one of the ways that you will enable you to work in harmony with each other. Then there is the limited liability registration process that should be undertaken with a lot of discretion. First, the soon to be partners are required to present the needed documents. The documents consist of details that will confirm the legitimacy of the partnership. The Limited Liability Partnership registration in Singapore is simple, provided you have all the required documents and you have complied to all the regulations.

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