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May 16, 2023

What’s in the article?

The Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) Code is a number assigned to specify a Singaporean company’s business activities. These codes are often used for statistical and administrative purposes such as:

  • Regulation and governance of a company
  • Data for reports, surveys, censuses and other documents to properly represent the Singaporean economy.
  • Determining license requirements
  • Qualification for certain tax benefits and support programs

The SSIC is regularly updated by Singapore’s Department of Statistics to keep up with the nation-state’s economy, rising business activities and changes in the international standards.

Choosing the Correct SSIC Code for Your Company

When choosing the right SSIC code for your company, it’s best to choose the code that reflects the principal activities of your company—the activity that brings the most revenue to your company and the activity that you want to seek a license for—but keep in mind that a company is allowed to have a maximum of two codes. 

In case you’re still unsure as to which code is most applicable to your business, you may also visit the BizFile site and type in the primary keywords that best describe your company’s activities.

Applying for an SSIC Code

Application usually happens during your company’s incorporation and name reservation stage. In this process, you must submit at least one SSIC code to represent your company, but you may also add an additional optional code. Should your business activity not match any SSIC code, you can write a customized description that will be reflected in your company’s BizFile application.

In case you realize that your chosen SSIC code doesn’t fit your business activities, you can have your business secretary send the application form to ACRA. However, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to register for the wrong code as this will not only prevent you from getting the appropriate licenses to operate, but it also disqualifies you from any benefits and incentives such as grants, tax incentives and other support programs.

Some SSIC codes may need to be reviewed and processed by other authorities, and this may delay the incorporation of your company. The processing can take anywhere from 14 to 60 working days. Some codes might also require you to apply for more than one license depending on the industry you’re in.

List of Most Common SSIC Codes

Here’s a list of some of the most common SSIC Codes from the latest edition of SSIC codes released last March 2020. Keep in mind that some codes may come with additional conditions and requirements.


SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
70201 Management Consultancy Services
70209 Business and Management Consultancy Services
62021 Information Technology Consultancy (not including cybersecurity)
62022 Information Technology Cyber Security Consultancy
71129 Engineering Design and Consultancy Activities
71126 Engineering Design and Consultancy Services (related to mining, oil and gas extraction and other offshore exploration)
71121 General Building Engineering Design and Consultancy
71122 Process and Industrial Plant engineering Design and Consultancy


SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
62011 Development of Software and Applications (excluding games and cybersecurity)
62090 Other Information Technology and Computer Service Activities
62013 Development of Software for Cybersecurity
63120 Internet Search Engines
63119 Data Analytics, Processing and Other Related Activities

B2B and Finance

SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
82999 Other Business Support Service Activities
73100 Advertising Activities
63209 Online Marketplaces for Services
78104 Employment Agencies (excluding domestic worker employment placement agencies)
69202 Bookkeeping Services (excluding online marketplaces)
66192 Corporate Finance Advisory Services
66301 Portfolio Management
66307 Private Debt Funds
66309 Fund Management Activities


SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
47721 Retail Sale of Cosmetics and Toiletries (excluding skincare products)
47311 Retail Sale of Motor Vehicles (excluding motorcycles and scooters)
47412 Retail of Computer Hardware, Peripheral Equipment and Computer Software (excluding games and cybersecurity hardware and software)
47719 Retail Sale of Clothes, Footwear and Leather Articles
47711 Retail Sale of Clothing for Adults

General Services

SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
74191 Interior Design Services
82303 Event/Concert Organisers
43210 Electrical Works
96099 Other Personal Service Activities (excluding online marketplaces)
78104 Employment Agencies (Excluding Domestic Worker Employment Placement Agencies And Online Marketplaces)
46100 Wholesale On A Fee Or Commission Basis (Excluding Online Marketplaces)
79102 Travel Agencies And Tour Operators (Mainly Outbound)
81211 General Cleaning Services (Including Cleaning Of Public Areas, Offices And Factories) Except Household Cleaning And Online Marketplaces
49215 Rental And Leasing Of Cars With Driver (Excluding Street-Hail And Ride-Hail Service Providers)
95301 Repair And Maintenance Of Motor Vehicles (Including Installation Of Parts & Accessories)
88911 Child Care Services For Pre-School Children (Including Infant Care Services)
61099 Other Telecommunications Activities
93203 Night Clubs, Discotheques, Dance Clubs And Karaoke Lounges
77101 Renting And Leasing Of Private Cars Without Driver (Excluding Online Marketplaces)
59111 Movie Production

Food and Beverage

SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
56111 Restaurants
56122 Food Courts, Coffee Shops, And Canteens (With Mainly Food And Beverage Income)
56112 Cafés
56140 Stalls Selling Cooked Food And Prepared Drinks (Including Stalls At Food Courts And Mobile Food Hawkers)
56200 Food Caterers
47219 Retail Sale Of Food
47102 Mini-Marts, Convenience Stores And Provision Shops
68104 Letting And Operating Of Self-Owned Or Leased Food Courts, Coffee Shops And Canteens (With Mainly Rental Income)

Construction and Real Estate

SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
41001 General Contractors (Building Construction Including Major Upgrading Works)
41009 Building Construction
68101 Real Estate Developers
43301 Renovation Contractors
68209 Real Estate Activities On A Fee Or Commission Basis (Excluding Online Marketplaces)
42101 General Contractors (Non-Building Construction)
43220 Installation Of Plumbing, Heating (Non-Electric) And Air-Conditioning Systems
68201 Real Estate Agencies And Valuation Services

Shipping and Logistics

SSIC Codes Business Activities Covered
30110 Building And Repairing Of Ships, Tankers And Other Ocean-Going Vessels (Including Conversion Of Ships Into Off-Shore Structures)
50021 Shipping Companies, Including Chartering Of Ships And Boats With Crew (Freight)
52292 Freight Transport Arrangements
50022 Operators And Charterers Of Barges, Tugboats And Bumboats (Freight)
52226 Ship Management Services
52222 Shipping Agencies (Freight)
52227 Ship Brokering Services
52291 Cargo Surveying Services

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